ComJ 2010-2011 “New in News” projects

Welcome to “New in News,” a roundup of digital news projects created by 2010-2011 students in UA’s Community Journalism Master’s program. Explore the four projects below, each of which informs and helps create community around specific topics.


Alaware: For her Alaware project, Kristen Klayko has digitized and added meaningful metadata to the entire Alabama state constitution — all 340,000+ words of it.

The project is fueled by the belief that in order to have a meaningful conversation about reforming the constitution, citizens of the state need to have easier access to it and more context to its content.



CrowdToPublic: Alison Smith’s CrowdToPublic takes journalists and other community storytellers through the step-by-step process of building an online news space. Covering everything from hosting to content management systems, from plugins to site analytics, CrowdToPublic gives an overview of options available to community journalists and suggests a “best practices” approach.



Overuse Injuries: Allyson Angle’s Overuse Injuries site is meant to serve as a community forum where parents, coaches, medical professionals and athletes can share experiences and information about a serious but underreported problem in youth sports.

Users can submit injury reports and use Google’s Body Browser to navigate through layers of injury hot spots. The site also provides resources and links to stories related to youth overuse injuries.




Blue Laws: The goal of Brian Anderson’s Project Blue Laws is to provide the Tuscaloosa community with context for the debate over laws that have traditionally governed alcohol sales.

The project aggregates work by Tuscaloosa-area news outlets, as well as opinions of Tuscaloosa residents, to look closely at all the angles relating to blue laws, and give easy access for an audience to look at these angles in depth.

This project is under construction and is coming soon.


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